Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners

They say nothing ever gets done in Cape Town because everyone is stoned. If that’s the case, this list might never see the day of light. In the meanwhile, here are some eateries in Cape Town where you can satisfy your munchy gravings.


call a pizza Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
They might be known for the crazy 21 topping pizza, but this Cape Town institution will add an extra dimension to your cheap tarri high. Seek them out in their new location in Hope street and venture down the rabbit hole that is Call-a-Pizza. Serves pizzas until 23:45 every night.


jerrys Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
For the seasoned stoners who overcame their paranoia for crowds many years ago at Up-the-Creek, Jerry’s will not disappoint. The menu is littered with munchy delights, like those devilishly good cheese bombs. Hmmm.

Lekker Vegan

lekker vegan Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
Go full hippie at Lekker Vegan and expose your flavour-heighten taste buds to their crazy-good animal-free burgers. For the carb hunters, hit up the phoney-polony gatsby.

Nomad Bistro

nomad Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
Bottomless Ribs ever Fridays for R99. Enough said!

Raptor Room

raptor room chiproll Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
A stoner’s paradise. Feast on everything from the Drunken Chicken Salad to the Loaded Fries. You will leave with a smile on your face and one more notch on your belt. Also keep an eye open for their G&T specials!

Dog’s Bollocks

dogs bollocks Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
Get transported to a comfort food wonderland. Originally known for their amazing burgers, the Dog’s Bollocks recent pizza offering is gaining popularity with Cape Town stoners. Some even proclaim it as the best in town.

Roxy Late Night

roxys Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
Zone out under the trees while you nibble on their famous crack bacon chicken wings. You can also give every Monday the finger with a kilogram of wings for R99. Recover on Tuesday with a 2-4-1 tequila special or order a beer for R10 every day between 16:00 and 18:00.

Roco Mama

Rocco Mama Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
When the cravings kick in, the new Roco Mama on Buitenkant Street is the perfect fast-food spot to smash a burger in your face. Keep an eye open for their combo deals like the Alfie. A burger topped with Mac’n Cheese. :-0

Van Hunks

vanhunks Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
The original Cape Town pothead. The extensive menu covers everything from pizzas to burgers, but the array of daily specials have cemented Van Hunks as a local favourite. It’s also the perfect place to turn your “lets go out for one drink” statement into a full face smangle with their cocktail jugs.


Leftylounge Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners
Smoked central. The smoky ribs and brisket are what they’re known for, but if you really want to satisfy your inner stoner hunger order the Nashville Hot Links chicken burger. Blaze on!

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