Carrot vodka is the latest approach to reduce food waste

What happens to the carrots that don’t make the quality cut for supermarket chains?

In south-east Queensland, two farmers’ wives have come together to create a unique style of vodka using the leftover veggies.

Alice Gorman and Gen Windley said they were inspired by a foray into carrot beer.

“Three years ago my husband Richard and Wade Curtis, a brewer in Ipswich, created carrot beer, and although it went well … I don’t drink beer,” Ms Gorman said.

“Every year we grow, pick and pack 350 million carrots and they’re the good-looking ones.

“But we have cracked, marked or wonky ones that won’t travel well to chain stores.”

The women are part of a collective of farmers’ wives who look at how they can add value to “ugly” or “odd” produce.

“We started with a cut carrot range and then we did carrot beer and carrot bread,” Ms Gorman told ABC Radio Brisbane’s Rebecca Levingston.