Cat Parfaits That Are Just Too Cute To Eat!

You’ll never look at a scoop of ice cream the same again!

Combining food with adorable cat shapes is a trend that’s withstood the test of time and has remained immune to picky eaters everywhere. I mean, if you can’t get someone to eat eggs by turning them into a kitten’s face, then nothing will. Hell, even Hello Kitty has her own range of rolling trays because cutesy, cartoony cats made from food is apparently the best way to beat the munchies and eat, well, anything. That’s why these ice-cream cats are so freaking awesome.

First made in Japan, these ice cream parfaits turn smooth scoops of vanilla ice cream into adorable, pudgy kittens with delicate whiskers, pointy chocolate ears, and tiny toes. Hailing from Kotoba no Haoto “The Buzz of Words” cafe, these treats are the epitome of cat culture that has long reigned over the internet. This is why it makes sense that this dessert has completely flooded Twitter recently.

These kitten icecream bowls are so buzzy they could surpass the rainbow bagel in popularity on social media. And while we’d love to venture to Japan and try one first-hand, there’s definitely a way to craft these cuties at home. After layering a milkshake glass or dessert dish with your favourite ice cream and sauces, take a moment to ball up the perfect scoop from your pint with a melon baller or ice-cream scoop. Top off the parfait with your fat cat’s body and then add sesame seeds or nonpareils for eyes, white chocolate chips for a rounded snout, and chopped strawberry (or kiwi) triangles for ears. Voila—you’ve got an almost-too-cute-to-eat little kitty to add to your dessert repertoire.