Cat-Shaped Tea Bags For Feline Fanatics And Tea Aficionados

Uniting feline fanatics and tea aficionados, these ridiculously cute cat-shaped tea bags are certainly unusual. Inspired by cats and their shape, the disposable tea bags come from Japan. Taking on a new approach to packaging its tealeaves, Ocean Tea Bag is the creator and maker of this truly unique series of cat-shaped tea sachets. 

The tea merchant’s fancy feline series come in four different cat designs with four different high-quality teas. Set to create disposable tea bags that are safe for the environment, the teas included in the variety pack are Rooibos Tea, Earl Grey Classic Tea, Toruja Coffee Tea, and Iron Cannon Tea. Seeing these happy cats and creators come alive in your cup is a luxury experience, unlike any. 

Not exclusive to making cat-shaped tea bags, the Ocean Tea Bag collection features sea creatures including giant squids, sea turtles, and an anglerfish, as well as other mammals like a panda, squirrel and fox. 

Ocean Tea Bag was created by Takahashi Shota, who launched his first teabag, in the shape of a dolphin with a crowdfunding campaign in 2015. In a recent interview, the company shared their plans to create moving as well as glowing tea bags in the future. there are currently 50 types of unique tea available from their online shop.

Ocean Tea Bag is not the first company to bring two of the best things in life together. Each of the Kittea blends are inspired by different cat breed and their personalities and come without preservatives or artificial flavourings so you know you’re consuming only the good stuff.