CBD And Drink Pairings That Perfectly Compliment Self-Quarantine

My two favorite things in the world are quality CBD and quality drinks. It can sometimes be hard to verify the quality of alcohol but fortunately, it is easy to find safe, lab-tested CBD tinctures and other products from CBDfx. This company takes all the guesswork out of buying CBD and makes the process fun and easy so I can focus on my pairings and know that I am working with the highest quality CBD on the market. With alcohol, it is not so easy because while there are plenty of reputable brands, none of them are going to provide you with lab certifications and the guarantee of quality like CBDfx will. 

So, when it comes to what brand of alcohol to use for the following pairings, use your best judgement and a brand that you already know and trust. I used various brands of alcohol when experiencing these pairings but I only ever use CBDfx for the CBD because I wouldn’t want a sub-par brand distracting from the lovely flavors and quality of these creations. These pairings were either shared with me, or born of my own creativity, and I would like to share the personal stories behind each so that when you sit back to enjoy CBD next to your alcoholic beverage, you might think back and recall some of the history behind the pairing and enjoy it by yourself or share the story with company.

The pairings I am about to share with you are hard-earned and should be appreciated for the full value of their quality, flavor, history, and meaningful presentation. I hope that the stories behind these delectable endeavours of the taste buds come to life as you enjoy the fruits of the incredible experiences that brought forth such glory unto the world and its recipe to your computer or smartphone screen where you are now fortunate enough to be informed. The first experience I will share with you is a very personal one, the second is also personal but less mine, and the third story is one of pure inspiration and the beauty that it permits to blossom.

Lemon CBD vape and a Whiskey Sour

whiskey sour 1516217571 CBD And Drink Pairings That Perfectly Compliment Self Quarantine

In my mind, there is nothing like relaxing on my porch in my grandfathers old beaten up rocking chair with a lemon CBD vape in one hand and a cold whiskey sour in the other. I take long draws off of my vape while I sip my delicious whiskey sour, and let the memories sweep across my mind like the wind on the plains. I often like to enjoy this pairing while I tell my grandchildren the story of “way back in the day” when I first tried puffing a lemon CBD vape and drinking a whiskey sour. 

The story begins way back a couple of years ago when I was on a climbing expedition in the High Sierra mountain range. My then climbing partner, Chaz and I were excited for the trip of a lifetime; a month of hard winter camping and climbing high mountain peaks in the wild sierra backcountry. There would be mountain lions, blizzards, and avalanches that we would encounter, and we had never been so excited. I was nearing my 70th birthday at the time and Chaz had just celebrated his 71st, so we thought this would be the perfect way to celebrate. We were right. The trip was nothing but heroic climbs up frozen peaks, battling mountain lions and wolves with D.I.Y wooden torches we brought, and fighting to stay alive in the cold of the harsh Sierra winter.

I had been saving a birthday present in my pack the entire month so that I could give it to Chaz ceremonially on our last night. As we sat on top of Temple Crag after having climbed the Sun Ribbon Arete route in our fastest time yet, I knew it was the perfect moment. Just as I opened my bag to give Chaz his present, he, like the truest of friends, gave me mine first. Chaz had brought a fifth of my favorite single malt. With the weight of tears forming in my eyes I finished pulling out the lemon CBD vape I had brought for Chaz. I happened to have a lemon and some bitters in my pack from the day before and forced it all in the bottle of whiskey. We ended up puffing our CBD vape and drinking our whole bottle of make-shift whiskey sour before starting the descent. Chaz broke his legs on decent, and I broke three ribs, but it is one of my fondest memories to date. Chaz has since passed away, but I still meet up with the helicopter pilot once a year to enjoy a lemon vape and whiskey sour in celebration of my rescue.

CBD chocolate chip cookie and White Russian

bestprac whiterussian social CBD And Drink Pairings That Perfectly Compliment Self Quarantine

This combination was inspired during a meeting at a masonic temple about a year ago. I was speaking to a good friend of mine named Sviatoslav, who just so happens to be an ex-KGB agent, and a fantastic cook. I informed Sviatoslav of my CBD pairing endeavors and he encouraged me to stick to the classics. I asked him what he meant and he told me that he loved nothing more than a simple glass of milk with a shot of vodka and some chocolate chip cookies. So we came up with eating CBD chocolate chip cookies while drinking a White Russian.

CBD Gummies and Cosmopolitan

cosmo CBD And Drink Pairings That Perfectly Compliment Self Quarantine

I was inspired to create this pairing for my granddaughter. She loves to go clubbing but I want her to simmer down so I came up with the idea of pairing CBD gummies with a cosmopolitan. It’s fruity, sweet, effective, and I think it is just what every granddaughter needs to keep her healthy and balanced so she doesn’t make bad decisions at the club. This pairing is also nice for anyone who likes super fruity delicious pairings.