CBD Coffee Is The Latest Trend To Hit Tokyo

If you are a coffee fanatic and staying in Tokyo then best you get a taste of the city’s latest trend.

Japan has seen independent coffee roasters popping up all over the capital, over the past couple of years. Fancy cafes are offering coffee lovers impressive-looking latte art. Yet, Tokyo has taken the coffee business to a higher level, so to speak.

One of Tokyo’s latest additions is a trendy cafe based in Komaba, a neighbourhood located in the Meguro ward. CBD Coffee claims to be the very first of its kind that serves customers coffee infused with cannabidiol.

The business started in 2018, offering CBD Coffee offered customers products such as smoothies, teas, and CBD oil-infused coffee only through UberEats delivery. In 2020, CBD Coffee opened its very first physical shop in Tokyo.

Customers can try out a wide array of coffee drinks at CBD Coffee, with prices starting from just ¥400, or $3.80, as well as CBD veggies and fruit smoothies. Additionally, customers can purchase a bottle of quality CBD oil in CBD Coffee too!

The cafe can be found at 2-1-7 Komaba, Meguro, and is open from 8 AM to 4 PM.