6 Steps To A Perfect Guinness Pour

Okay, enjoying a Guinness is probably the easy part, but the proper pour is still essential. These tips can also be applied if you are pouring your own from a can or bottle of Guinness.

Here are the 6 steps …

1.) Shocked that I have to even mention this … but try to use a clean, dry 20-ounce glass. Try. And use a glass or a clear, plastic cup if you must — not a Musikfest mug, ya rube.

2.) Then hold your glass at a 45-degree angle. Close to, but not with your glass touching the tap. If you are pouring from a bottle or can of Guinness, treat the lip of the bottle/can as if it was a tap. And try to keep the bottle/can or tap spout out of your stout.

3.) Pull the tap handle and fill your glass until three-quarters full.

4.) Let the surge of beer settle before filling your glass completely. The nitrogen bubbles will rise to the top and should form a nice looking, khaki-colored head.

5.) Now, with the glass upright, top off your pour. The head should form a low dome looking thingy over the glass. Never let the stout overflow, and never ever ever use a spatula (or a knife or you fingers, silly) to level the head.

6.) Your prefect pint is now ready to drink, complete with a majestic, creamy white head. And the good folks at Guinness’ brewery always prefer that if you are serving or sharing in an official Guinness glass, you should turn it and present it with the harp logo facing your friend or “customer.”

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