Chameleon Wine Range By Jordan Gets A New Look

Perfect for summer sipping or al fresco dining, the new look Chameleon range showcases our broad variety of wines and incorporates the indigenous flora found on Jordan Wine Estate.

These labels depict Jordan’s connection with nature and the biodiversity of the Cape Winelands – the true Synergy between Soul and Soil.

New to the Chameleon range:

A fresh and fruity Chenin Blanc with rich tropical pear flavours and a zesty citrus finish. “Chrysanthemoides monilifera” is a fast growing shrub with bright yellow daisies in autumn and winter followed by edible berries. They love well-drained soils on hills and mountains, rich in fynbos. This indigenous plant is very popular with birds and bees which makes it a great home for the Cape Dwarf Chameleon.

chenin Chameleon Wine Range By Jordan Gets A New Look

We’ve also added another No Added Sulphur wine to the family!

Chameleon No Added Sulphur Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

41% Cabernet Franc, 29.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29.5% Merlot. This delicate blend is fermented in overhead retort-shaped, stainless steel fermentors. Pump-overs were done three times daily during fermentation. The use of gravity and gentle pressing ensures full-flavoured wines with soft, balanced tannins.

cabfranc Chameleon Wine Range By Jordan Gets A New Look

Our beautiful Cape Dwarf Chameleon is perched on a “Proteaceae Leucadendron” is also known as “safari sunset” and blooms from May through to December. It is commonly found on the slopes of Table Mountain. This beautiful Protea species is the perfect habitat for insects, bugs, bees and of course, Cape Dwarf Chameleons.

Chameleon No Added Sulphur Merlot – NEW LOOK!

Made from 100% merlot, from out west-facing slopes. We use high quality toasted wooden staves to add tannin and structure, which complements the sweet berry and dark chocolate notes of the merlot.

merlot Chameleon Wine Range By Jordan Gets A New Look

Our beautiful Cape Dwarf Chameleon sits on a “Polygala virgate”, known locally as Purple Broom. This flower is a perfect perch for chameleons, the bright colour attracting a multitude of insects. Purple Broom grows naturally on the lower slopes and bushy hillsides and along stream banks at Jordan Wine Estate which are ideal conditions for Cape Dwarf Chameleons.

Not only is no sulphur added to these wines during the course of vinification and boast sulphur levels of below 2mg/l, they are all vegan-friendly!