An All-Purpose Guide to Serving and Pouring Bubbly

Pour it up, people: Champagne should be an all-the-time drink. But it’s especially appropriate this time of year, as everyone bops from holiday party to holiday party.

Time to get some expert advise on the sparkly stuff and has all the right answers. Their expert has debunked a few myths and threw out surprising insights, from the correct glassware (hint: it’s not a flute) to why popping a corkamorimcork An All Purpose Guide to Serving and Pouring Bubbly
by Amorim Cork
should be like passing gas.

What is the best method of opening a bottle of Champers?

I was once told early on in my wine career that whenever you open a bottle of Champagne it should sound like a beautiful woman farting. That means, you should hear little to nothing.

What about pouring?

Pour champagne with the label facing whoever you’re pouring for—their waiting lips will start to salivate. Pour quickly at the start so the foam forms to the top of the flute, then wait a few seconds for it to dissipate. Keep building that suspense. Finally, gently pour to fill the glass.

And your favourite glassware?

I prefer drinking Champagne out of a Burgundy glass—like you would drink still Chardonnay or Pinot Noir out of. Don’t forget, Champagne is wine, too! We’re all used to being served Champagne in a flute, but that doesn’t allow for the surface area, which lets the wine open up and come into its own. You also lose the aromatics of Champagne when it’s served out of a flute.

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