The Growing Craze for Cheese-topped Tea Drinks

“Cheese tea” is becoming a popular menu item across Asia, and CHIZU is one brand that’s proudly calling itself “the premium Japanese cheese drink in Malaysia.” 

The term “cheese drink” accurately describes the two main components of the beverage—on top of a base of some type of fruit or herbal tea, a thick, frothy layer of cream cheese is added. Depending on the flavors desired, these drinks are enhanced with garnishes to add sweet or salty notes.

Due to the combination of cheese and tea, there is a specific way that the beverages are to be consumed for the best flavor experience. Although there are lids that are included with the beverages to prevent spills, consumers are meant to drink the cheese tea straight from the cup without a straw. Even tough this is less convenient than sipping from a straw and this method will create something like a milk moustache on one’s face, this has become a charming selling feature of the drinks.

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