Chef Reveals Incredible Four-ingredient Recipe For Air Fried Oreos

One of the only things more delicious than an Oreo is a fried Oreo. Especially when said fried Oreo is made using an air fryer, cutting down on the oil and mess.

YouTube chef Rob Nixon has shared his recipe for an indulgent battered biscuit, and all you need is a few ingredients and an air fryer. Air fryers have exploded in popularity in recent years due to their ease and the health benefit compared to deep frying.

You can get crispy chips with no oil and even make ‘bacon’ from carrots. Air fried desserts had always eluded us, but thanks to Rob’s easy recipe, we can wow our guests at our socially distanced garden gatherings.

As well as your fryer, you’ll need self-raising flour, Greek yoghurt, milk and a packet of Oreo biscuits (although it would work with others).

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