Chew on this: deep-fried bubblegum

Deep-fried butter? So 2010. Next up in American state fair deep-fat fryer throwdowns comes a contribution from Texas: deep-fried bubble gum.

A local TV news report out of Dallas gave Texans a preview of the latest food fad that will debut at the State Fair of Texas September 30.

Infused with a bubblegum extract, the pink marshmallow is dipped in pink batter and thrown in the deep fryer. Some blue icing and mini candy-coated gums later, you get Justin Martinez’s award-winning version of deep-fried bubblegum.

The marshmallow concoction was named the ‘most creative’ food finalist at the Big Tex Choice Awards this week along with Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack – a fried buffalo chicken strip coated with batter and jalapeno crumbs, served with syrup. The chicken flapjack won for ‘best taste.’

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