Christiaan Loots – Waterkloof Wines

Like something from a fairytale – a prince and his white horse! Christiaan, the farm manager at Waterkloof Wines has a great love for nature conservation, but his true passion is training and riding horses. Somerset West is renowned forĀ  traffic jams and now we know why. Everything comes to a standstill when this gorgeous guy and his Percheron horse, Lady G, rides of into the sunset.

Q: Single?
A: Married

Q: If you were a type of wine, what variety would you be?
A: Viognier

Q: What’s your favourite Waterkloof wine?
A: Circumstance Viognier 2008

Q: What’s you favourite dish at Waterkloof’s restaurant?

A: Glazed pork belly

Q: The last song you listened to?
A: Johnny Clegg -the whole cd

Q: What is your current desktop picture?
A: Me and Cinsaut our 3month old Dexter calve

Q: Have you ever thrown up in a car?
A: no

Q: What is one unique thing are you afraid of?
A: Spiders

Q: Do you dance crazy when no one’s looking?
A: yes

Q: Rufus appears out of nowhere with a time-travelling phone booth. You can go anytime in the PAST. What time are you travelling to?
A: 17to1800

Q: You have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. Who is it?

A: my wife sings pretty nice

Q: Do you think people should eat the fish they catch, or just let them go?
A: eat your fish but limit your catch don’t catch your limit.

Q: Who would you really like to just punch in the face?
A: Julius Malema

Q: Would you rather be good looking or rich?
A: healthy if it is a option- but rich is good with a touch of good looking-pleeeaase.

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