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Clear Coffee now available in South Africa

Caffeinated water, aka clear coffee, has filtered down to South Africa.

Recently C-Water was all the buzz online when a clever marketing exec billed it as clear coffee. But the truth is, it’s far from it. If you love your morning cup of beanjuice, caffeinated water ain’t no replacement. We all drink coffee because we’re into the darkside flavour. The fact that it adds a kick to your day was always an added perk.

vader and boba sipping coffee by aweswanky d5x319j Clear Coffee now available in South Africa

However, caffeinated water is a good alternative to those sugary energy drinks. You know the stuff initially intended to give us wings after a high energy work-out, before it became vodka‘s sick sidekick.

Que: Go Water.

GO Water is South Africa’s very first sugar-free calorie-free energy drink. It tastes like normal water but is amplified with an infusion of caffeine and electrolytes.

gowater e1494835693712 Clear Coffee now available in South Africa

“Originally developed for the U.S. military to give the troops a lift when they needed it most, while also ensuring they remained hydrated, we saw the retail potential for this product and decided to bring the concept to our domestic market and launch as a healthy, active lifestyle brand, giving our consumers an additional option when looking for a boost” commented cofounder of GO Water and operations manager of J AND J Brand Company, Jan Strydom.

Go Water cleams to be the first of its kind in the South African beverage market and is available for purchasing at key Spar and Engen outlets; not to mention at Giovanni’s in Green Point and Liquor City in Claremont. With more locations and retailers being added weekly