Cocktails So Pretty You’ll Want to Feature Them In Your Wedding Album

While weddings are fun, wedding photos can get boring fast. Everyone seems to be doing the same things, and if you aren’t creative, your wedding album can be dull. Most wedding reception photos include your wedding cake, chocolate fountain, and cake cutting. However, you can take things a notch higher with pretty cocktails. They make a party more exciting and can be excellent conversation starters.

Planning Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

What do people enjoy more than pretty cocktails? Signature cocktails! They are fun and have a personal touch. Guests will definitely love them. Here are a few ways to plan signature cocktails for your wedding.

1. Consider the Name

What will you name your cocktails? Interesting cocktails need exciting names. It could be any of the following:

  • Something that rhymes with your name
  • A personal attribute you wish to point out or highlight
  • A blend of your favorite cocktail names
  • Something to signify your love story
  • Something meaningful for you and your spouse.

2. Decorations

There are many ways to decorate your wedding cocktails. Edible flowers are classics. They are fun, classic, and you can use them to complement your wedding décor. Cute little fruits on the side can be just as effective as flowers. They are subtle and give any drink a pop.

If you are looking for more pizazz, consider sparkly stirrers. Your bar staff will have no trouble popping them in your drinks.

Name tags and little flags work well to personalize your cocktails. The little flags can include the cocktail and the couple’s names. Name tags can have the guests’ or couples’ names.

3. Personalized Drinkware

Consider serving your pretty cocktails in personalized glasses. You can personalize them with your guests’ names or your names. These glasses can be beautiful keepsakes for your guests after the wedding.

Get glasses that match your theme. Fun cocktails glasses can help you attain your desired vibe. If you want something informal, go with large drinks jars. Get a tap where the guests can serve themselves. Use pretty signs to name each cocktail.

4. Be Creative With the Flavors

While you want your cocktails to look good, you shouldn’t compromise on the taste. Ensure that your guests have choices. For example, you can pair herbaceous drinks with sweet drinks.

The flavors should match your wedding season. If it is in the summer, for example, you need a variety of refreshing drinks. Whiskey highballs and mojitos may be excellent choices.

5. Use Childhood Photos

What could be better than your childhood photos on your cocktail stirrers? You can use funny, meaningful, or cute photos. These photos could inspire the cocktail names. Your guests will remember them for a long time.

6. Make a Wedding Photobook

Consider making a photobook with photos of your wedding cocktails. You could include a “toast the bride and groom” section. In this section, family, friends, and guests can give their well wishes to the couple.

Your photobook needs a variety of photos. Get a mix of posed and candid pictures with family, friends, guests, drinks, and wedding décor. Balance the colors, background, and lighting—group all your photos strategically for visual appeal. You can create a stunning wedding photo book without any special skills.

Are you planning your wedding? You have hundreds of decisions to make. Deciding on the best way to stock your bar is one of them. You can make it more interesting with fun and pretty cocktails. The right cocktails lighten the mood and elevate your wedding photos. You don’t need to settle for boring drinks. Consider the above options and have fun.