Coco Rico Cream Liqueur Set To Give Amarula a Run For Its Money

Twist the cap and add ice to experience a salted caramel and coconut cream liqueur made for every occasion. Paradise on Ice is available to anyone with ice, a glass and a bottle of Coco Rico Cream Liqueur.

Fans of Amarula might just switch to Coco Rico after the first sip. Why?

Well, firstly, coming in at low alcohol of 15% you can polish an entire bottle* on your own, whereas most Amarula drinkers have hugged a toilet after drinking a bottle on their own (including me).

Secondly, when comparing prices, a bottle of Amuralu costs roughly R150 at major liquor outlets. Coco Rico on the other hand is now available in South Africa for around R110.

As for the palate, well, you be the judge. I love Coco Rico. Be it a glass of “Paradise on Ice” for breakfast or an entire bottle as a nightcap, I can safely say, I won’t be sharing!

*Only applicable to those individuals who are drink-fit or professional drinkers (like me). Drinks responsibly!