Coffee Cocktails to REALLY Jumpstart Your Day

For as long as mankind has been waking up early, we’ve been drinking coffee.

It’s the perfect pick-me-up for a groggy workforce, and the ideal unassuming beverage for a first date.

But sometimes, coffee alone isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need something more.

Coffee cocktails have been around for hundreds of years, though the best-known ‘Irish Coffee’ only originated a century ago. Here’s a completely true and wildly obscure fact: the drink concept was brought from Ireland by a travel writer, who then worked with a San Franciscan bar owner named George Freeberg to perfect the recipe. This is my jam.

The overwhelming flavor and bitterness of coffee can make it a challenging mixer for the uninitiated, but, when done right, it blends fantastically with alcohol. Check out our three favorite coffee cocktail recipes below….