Coffee Drinkers Are Also Drinking Cockroaches, Doctor Says

A doctor  in England went viral on TikTok this week after issuing a warning to coffee lovers.

“Just so you know if you drink coffee you’re also drinking cockroaches,” Dr Karan Raj says.

In the video, the medical practitioner explains pre-ground coffee purchased in stores contains “ground up cockroaches”.

“Certain percentage of coffee beans become infected with cockroaches and other insects,” he says.

“Usually they can’t be processed out completely. So they just get roasted and ground up with the coffee beans.”

Dr Raj says most food authorities allow a certain percentage of bugs in food.

It is not all doom and gloom though. Cockroaches have at least been found to be high in protein.

Some companies even offer ground up bugs such as crickets as health supplements.

Shock online over ‘Starbugs coffee’

On TikTok the news wasn’t exactly taken warmly.

“I could have gone my whole life without knowing this,” one woman wrote.

One man joked “anybody for a Starbugs?” of course, referring to popular coffee chain Starbucks.

Another woman added there is “some information you do not need to tell us” and joked Dr Raj had ruined her morning coffee ritual.

However, it didn’t put off everyone from their morning brew.

“Never knew cockroaches tasted so good,” one man wrote.