Coffee in Italy

The birth of Italian coffee culture Surprisingly, coffee did not immediately become popular in Italy. It was first brought to Venice from Istanbul in the 16th century and received an extremely negative response from the church. It was considered a devilish invention for several reasons. The priests were confused by the origin of the drink from Muslim countries, as well as the powerful stimulating effect that it has on the human body. All of this was seen as evidence of Satan’s tricks. Only after Pope Clement VIII tried and approved the magic drink, coffee in Italy began to gain incredible popularity. In 1640, the first coffee shop was opened in Venice (now it is called Florian), and by 1768 there were already 218. For comparison, in England the first such establishment appeared in 1652, and in Vienna only in 1683 …

The Italians loved coffee so much that for a long time they tried to create a new type of espresso machine. The patent for the first improved coffee machine, in which steam under pressure was transferred to ground coffee beans, was awarded to the Milanese Luigi Bezzera in 1901.

Coffee drinks in Italy

Real Italian coffee is prepared in several versions, which differ in the degree of strength, as well as in individual components. When traveling through the cities of Italy, you should definitely try:

caffè – regular espresso served in tiny cups

cappuccino – consists of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 of the most delicate foam;

macchiato – espresso, in which a drop of milk is added to obtain a more delicate taste;

caffè lungo – “long” espresso with double the amount of water; espresso romano – strong espresso with lemon juice, served in a warmed cup;

caffè latte – coffee with milk in a 1: 1 ratio;

latte macchiato – made from hot frothed milk with the addition of a small portion of espresso;

ristretto is a very strong coffee with a little water, literally “for a sip”.

The word latte means milk in Italian. In order not to get an ordinary glass of milk instead of a cup of the desired coffee drink at the bar, you need to specify caffè latte or latte macchiato when ordering.

Italian traditions: what tourists need to know

Italians drink coffee many times a day, but in small portions. They often run into the bar for a cup of espresso. Interestingly, what kind of coffee is drunk in Italy directly depends on the time of day. For example, coffee with milk is served only until 11 am. This rule is strictly observed. According to Italians, milk after meals causes indigestion. A tourist who ordered a cappuccino or latte in the second half of the day will have it prepared, but will be surprised at the strange choice. Also in Italy it is not customary to sit in a cafe for a cup of coffee. They drink at the bar without staying long. Seats at a table can be 2 times more expensive. Also, Italians don’t drink espresso that is too hot. It is served at a certain temperature so as not to burn yourself.

The word espresso is not pronounced in Italy, it is simply replaced by caffe. Espresso is the basis of all Italian coffee drinks. Everything else is just its varieties.

gifts for coffee lovers

If you ever visit this magnificent country of bright colors and aromas, do not forget to grab some real Italian coffee with you. Today coffee is one of the symbols of Venice. Coffee that is produced only in Venice. Ferrari-related souvenirs are brought from Milan. From Verona a statue of Romeo and Juliet. Italians are very religious. For example, you can bring a statuette of the Madonna (Madonna di Pompeii) or a rosario – beads with a cross below. In Italy, you can find many souvenirs for every taste, color and size, for your loved ones and not so much. And remember only a gift for no reason – a real gift.

Italian stamps

A large number of well-known coffee brands are concentrated in the country. Therefore, tourists often wonder if coffee is growing in Italy. Despite the fact that the country occupies a leading position in its production, the local climate is not suitable for cultivation. Italian manufacturers have developed unique technologies for roasting coffee beans, which are rightfully considered the best in the world. They have perfectly mastered the technique of blending, skillfully combine grains of different varieties, surprisingly achieving a drink that is balanced in taste and aroma.

Consider the most famous brands for the production of coffee in Italy, and which one is better to buy is up to you.

Illy caffè

 It is a family business founded by Francesco Illy. In 1933 he opened a company that roasted beans. The following year, the company patented a package for coffee using an inert gas, thanks to which the unique coffee aroma was preserved. Today Illy is the leading Italian coffee brand. Arabica beans are supplied from Ethiopia, India, Brazil, Colombia. Illy products are distinguished by floral-fruity notes in taste and a chocolate aroma that literally drives you crazy when you open the package. In Italian stores, Illy can cost about 5.3 € (Illy Moka Tostatura Media, 200 g can) or 7.20 € (Illy Espresso Tostatura Media, 250 g can).


 One of the largest Italian coffee companies. Its founder is Luigi Lavazza. The company produces many different types of coffee, which differ in the different proportions of the two main components: arabica and robusta. Both coffee beans and ground coffee are produced. All types differ in taste and aroma, from floral-spicy to chocolate with a bitter taste. Among the many Lavazza, everyone will find a drink to their liking. And Italians buy more often: Lavazza Qualità Rossa Grani (packaging1000 g – 14.50-15 €) and Lavazza Crema e Gusto Classico (pack of 250 g – 3 €).


The leading plant in Verona for the processing of coffee beans, the holder of many certificates and international awards. Pellini coffee is an absolutely pure Italian product, without the use of impurities and flavors. Pellini Top 100% Arabica is always loved by customers. It has a multifaceted taste with notes of flowers, fruits, honey and chocolate. The cost of a can of 250 g in Italian supermarkets is 5.78-6 €.


Starting with a small factory opened in the middle of the last century, Kimbo has become the second largest manufacturer of packaged coffee. Various types of roasting of grains in the best Italian traditions and the skill of blending allow you to create drinks with a rich taste and deep aroma of different shades – from fruit-citrus to wine notes. When choosing which coffee to bring from Italy, pay attention to ground Kimbo Espresso Napoletano, the cost of a pack of 250 g is about 4 €.


The company started out with the sale of wine, spices and delicacies. At the beginning of the 20th century, a coffee shop was opened, after which they decided to focus specifically on the coffee business. Today the brand produces a huge line of natural Italian coffee – grain, ground, capsules. One of the new blends of the company, which is based on advanced developments in roasting coffee beans, is The Molinari Platino Roasted Coffee. An exquisite gourmet drink with low acidity, rich aroma and velvety texture.

The best coffee shops in Rome

To visit Rome and not try real Italian coffee means not knowing anything about Italy. Italians spend a lot of time in coffee houses, which are called bars here. The best coffee in Rome can be drunk in places like this.

Antico Caffè Greco (Via dei Condotti, 86)

An excellent choice for those who want to get in touch with Italian history. Just think, in this cafe famous poets, philosophers, composers gathered for intellectual conversations! Hans Christian Andersen, Mark Twain, Wilhelm Richard Wagner visited it when they were in Rome. The atmosphere of Antico Caffè Greco is a world of Old World luxury with gilded decorations, marble tables, artwork on the walls. The prices are quite high here. A cup of espresso, drunk at a table in this cafe, will cost 7 €. Not cheap, but worth it.

Sant Eustachio Il Caffe (Piazza di San Eustachio, 82)

The cafe is located in the very center of Rome, near the Pantheon. Here coffee is brewed according to a special recipe, which is kept in the strictest confidence. A regular espresso at Sant Eustachio Il Caffe has a completely unimaginable aroma, a special thick foam and a dark chocolate aftertaste. Be sure to try also Caffè d’Elite – 3.9 € and the branded Gran Caffè – 5.4 €.

D’Angelo – Gastronomia Caffe (Venti Settembre, 25)

Best place in Rome for an inexpensive Italian breakfast. Delicious fresh pastries and cappuccino for only € 1.2 will leave no one indifferent. A typical Italian atmosphere and a smiling bartender will help you experience the true spirit of Italy.