Coffee Monster App Makes Ordering A Cup A Breeze For South Africans

Born in Cape Town, Coffee Monster is a tech startup that aims to support local coffee shops across the country with its innovative platform. The easy-to-use app makes ordering a cup of joe from your favourite spot a breeze.

Founded in 2019 by Ashleigh Nestadt and Gail Cross, Coffee Monster connects users to nearby listed coffee shops to conveniently order grab-and-go coffee or other food items offered by a range of cafes. 

The overall aim of Coffee Monster is to provide consumers with easy access to their local coffee spots and to assist businesses in gaining new customers and increasing overall revenue. 

The app can be used across South Africa and available for download on both iOs and Android devices. 

The app has been built to provide ease of access for consumers to coffee spots through the intelligent curbside pickup option as this feature estimates how long it will take a customer to reach a coffee spot. This is based on the app tapping into the geo-location of the user, with both driving and walking options supported. 

Once a customer has selected a coffee spot nearby and placed an order, the store’s barista is alerted when the customer will be nearby, ensuring that users are provided with a steamy hot brew. In addition, other features enable a customer to select a scheduled pick-up time when ordering via the app. A delivery option is available if it is within walking distance from the coffee shop. 

We provide a mobile-ordering platform for coffee shops that helps drive sales and increase exposure. This is particularly beneficial to smaller independent stores that don’t have the resources to develop and market their own solution. The app is free for both coffee shops and users to join (we maintain the app by charging a small transaction fee to the coffee shop).

Ashleigh Nestadt