Coffee Mugs Reveal A Lot About Human Characteristics and Personality Types

Mugs represent the characteristics of a person’s personality and will vary from one character to the next. Some coffee or tea drinkers want to be seen as young and trendy while others want to be portrayed as professional and hardworking individuals. 

Start The Day Right With A Mug In Hand

Getting out of bed after a peaceful sleep is a challenge for most. We’ve all had those lazy mornings where it takes a lot of motivation to get up and go to work. An early morning cup of coffee in your favorite mug is just the thing to get you going and sent you off to work with a bounce in your step.

For many of us, the first thing we do when arriving at work is grab a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea before cracking on with the day’s work. Caffiene can boosts moods and energy levels, which is linked to increased productivity. Feeling positive and energetic can have a major impact when starting the day. Your state of mind will have an impact on your co-workers and a happy work place. Some find comfort in drinking their morning cup of joe out of their precious and personalised mug.

Essential Qualities Of A Personalised Mug

A reliable print house that delivers only the best quality are essential when it comes to customized mugs. The artwork on the mug is another way to judge a personalised mug or its beholder. Unique artwork with catchy messages and sweet sayings have held a place in human hearts for many years. It’s therefore important to pick a design or image that reveals something about your personality and reflect on your character. As the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. A mug and the image it portrays can reveal a lot about a person, for instance, their thoughts on environmental affairs or their favourite hobbies and interests. Overall, your unique mug should catch the eye of your work colleagues and become the envy of the office!

A printed mug should have the following qualities

  • The printed on the mug should be creative and eye-catching.
  • The art, images or wording that appears on the mug should reflect the interests, personality and attitude of its owner.
  • Contain printed wording or quotes that will put a smile on your face and those around you.
  • Good quality print that will sustain the test of time, water and dishwashing materials.
  • The look and design should be timeless and the mug itself should offer a pleasurable drinking experience every time you crave a cup filled with comfort and joy.

What Makes Printed Coffee Mugs Trendy?

People tend to strive for uniqueness and a personalised coffee mug offers just that. Why drink out of a dull old cup that looks like all the other borrowing and massed produced cups? Be trendy, be cool, be different with your own custom-designed mug.

The way you hold and grip your mug speaks volumes about your character

The grip of the hand and how one holds a mug or cup, reveals a lot about a person’s character and personality traits. The different ways of grip a cup carry different attitude traits, which we will delve into shortly. But first, here are the four different styles of cup-holding along with illustrations of each in the image below.

The 4 different styles:

  1. Holding cup with both hands
  2. Holding cup ith pinky finger pointing up
  3. Holding cup with thumb and forefinger
  4. Holding cup with one hand

What does the styles say about you?

1. By holding a cup with both hands, the following traits are revealed:

  • Such person doesn’t mind to pay, in his/her romance to the partner.
  • Such persons having determination.
  • Such persons are firm believers of hard work and sincerity.
  • They are goal-oriented.

2. With pinky finger pointing up

People holding cups by pointing the tiny pinky finger upward possess the following characteristics. 

  • Such People hate conflicts.
  • They never gossip and never spread rumors.
  • They are people, with to-the-point discussion.
  • They don’t care about the consequences.
  • Adoptable to the new environment.
  • Such people are also social and friendly.
  • Not easily accept their flaws.

3. Holding Cup with Thumb and Forefinger

People holding cups with thumb and forefinger own the following characteristics. 

  • Such persons easily influenced by others
  • They are straightforward and openly describing their likes and dislikes.
  • They are not social and too friendly.
  • Such persons distant themselves from people which they have any dispute.
  • Such persons are bold, and people seek your advice and counseling. 

4. Holding Mug with One Hand

People holding cups with one hand possess the following characteristics. 

  • They don’t want conflicts.
  • Friendliness in their nature and habits. 
  • They are rational and having a good relationship with the people around them.
  • They always try to think about others first.
  • These people are not going to share themselves with others, so they don’t worry about them. 

Moods and Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs have an influence on your taste and mood. A cup of coffee or tea help one relax and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

When it comes to finding the perfect mug or cup, start with your favourite colour and take it from there. Modern technology made it possible for companies to offer customized products, based on the customer’s likes and dislikes. LastDropMugs is a good place to start if you to express yourself by the means of a mug . You will find a large selection of mugs and cups that can be customised to suit your personality and character. From great quote to images of your favourite animals, this online mug shop caters to all styles, personalities, characters and needs.

Travel Coffee Mugs

Coffee lovers on the go can make their journey more enjoyable with a Travel Coffee mug. Travel cups differ greatly from ordinary mugs and cups. It’s therefore important to get a travel cup with the following features and characteristic:

  • Keeping the coffee hotter for longer
  • High quality, strong and durable mugs to avoid breakage during the journey.
  • Stainless steel travel mugs are a popular choice amongst travellers because it keeps hot beverages warm for a longer period.
  • Porcelain coffee mugs are stronger than ceramic coffee mugs. The clay used to make porcelain mugs is more refined and purified. Cups made from Porcelain are therefore much more elegant and fragile compared to those made from ceramic.


Coffee mugs showcase the personality and of their cup-bearer. With personality traits playing a big role in the design, it’s important to share personality traits with the manufacture or maker of the mug. Include yourfavourite things in the design. Not only will the mug represent your persona, it will provide you with a sense of pleasure and calmness when you sip that first cup of the day.

Creating a personalized mug should ultimately reveal a person’s true character, habits and passions. The cup is obviously a reward on its own and yours to enjoy whenever you feel like it.

Designing a mug according to someone mood, interest and personality is what LastDropMugs do best.