Coffee Vs Tea For Productivity: Which Drink Is Better For Work Or Study

The debate on which is the better drink between the two beverages, tea and coffee has always been an age long one, and people often wonder which one is the better one out of the two, is it coffee? Is it tea? Who is going to win between the beans and the leaves? Which beverage is better for your productivity and helps you improve your standard of work? 

Everyone knows that coffee is actually sought out by innumerable students and office workers who have to work and study for long hours. Studies show that people who drink tea tend to have more organized thoughts and processes as compared to people who do not drink tea, and while coffee is known to be a stronger poison when compared on the basis of caffeine, tea will make sure you remain alert and calm. There are many best tea brands available in the market these days and finding the best one is not a big deal.

So, coming to the topic, between both the beverages, which drink is the better one for work or study?

Coffee vs tea on the basis of an increase in energy and improvement in performance

When it comes to Coffee, the amount of caffeine that is present inside coffee helps in increasing the level of alertness and makes sure that there is a decrease in the level of fatigue. It is also well known to improve the performance of the individual especially when it comes to processing the information that is available and going through the present tasks, and even making sure that the accuracy that is available for logical reasoning is faster. 

One of the best ways to consume coffee would be to drink it in small doses available throughout the day. It is also said that you should drink coffee when you feel naturally energized because that is when the level of cortisol in the individual’s body is at its peak. Some of the  best coffee brands claim that drinking coffee occasionally improves memory and energizes naturally.  When it comes to tea, the whole process of making tea is one of the easiest methods where you just have to either dip the tea bag in boiling water or just boil the tea leaves and the concoction is ready. But the fact remains that while tea has lesser or the same amount of caffeine in it, it does as such give the same effect. It is believed that while tea may not make you as alert coffee does, it is definitely the healthier option to sip on as you can drink it throughout the day, and you will have no side effects.

Coffee vs tea, on the basis of the disadvantages

Coffee is known to increase the anxiety levels of the individuals with the prolonged consumption of the drink. While it may improve the level of alertness during the time, it does not mean that it usually improves the performance in work by consuming coffee. A lot of people also tend to feel the effects of the prolonged use of coffee which they consume very frequently like headaches, an increase in migraines and their levels of anxiety increasing, especially when the buzz wears off this is felt with a greater force.

 Another huge difference that is observed by many researchers are that individuals who tend to consume coffee find it harder to sleep at night as compared to individuals who consume tea because of the amount of caffeine in the drink. Another thing is that if you are the individual who may want to lose weight, coffee may not be your best option as it tends to increase your weight.

Coming to tea, while tea has the same or lesser amount of caffeine in it, it does not give the same effect as coffee would and would not make you as jittery as coffee does. Apart from that, any type of tea is considered to be a form of superfood as it is full of antioxidants which actually help in keeping your body health by making sure that the process or any process of cell damage is delayed and minimal.

 Tea also helps in losing weight, so if you are looking to gain weight, tea may not be your best option. Studies show that tea actually helps in improving your memory power, especially when it comes to improving your cognitive functions of your brain. Researchers have also found out the tea helps in reducing the stress levels of an individual and ensuring that the individual is able to get a deeper and calmer sleep.

When it comes to coffee vs tea, which is the drink that is better suited for work and study for any individual, the answer would be tea for the simple fact that not only is it a healthier option but it also enables and increases the productivity of the individual and makes sure that the individual is alert without feeling jittery.