Cooking with Cannabis – Yes, It’s a Thing!

If you have the pleasure of living in a country like Canada in which cannabis is legal, you are lucky. You have also probably noticed that it is becoming increasingly common to come across edibles or treats containing your fav strain of marijuana or CBD oil. 

Although you might be tempted to give them a try, you may be put off doing so on finding that, upon closer inspection of the label, many of these products are full of unhealthy sugars and trans-fats. But did you know that it is actually pretty easy to make your own cannabis concoctions at home? 

There are plenty of tasty ways that you can infuse your snack and meals at home with cannabis. Cooking with cannabis is pretty fun and gives you the chance to get pretty inventive with the unique taste and aroma as you incorporate it into your favorite dishes. 

Read on for a few ideas on how to start adding a bit of cannabis jazz to your cooking. For you Canadians out there, here’s an online buyer’s guide on where to shop for the best deals on CBD oil and marijuana. This way it’s convenient and you know you’re getting premium ingredients for your kitchen creations.


Before you simply start throwing weed into any dish that you can think of, you first have to prepare it for cooking. If you want to bake, fry or roast your weed without destroying the THC and CBD, you have to decarboxylate it in the oven first. This means baking in a tray covered with aluminium foil at a low temperature of around 110-120° C for an hour until it has gone slightly brown.

Cannabis Cooking Oil

CBDOil Cooking with Cannabis – Yes, It’s a Thing!

Probably the quickest and easiest way of getting cannabis into your cooking is by brewing up some cannabis cooking oil. Once you have decarboxylated your weed, throw it into some cooking oil and leave for a day or two. Finally, strain out the weed and you will be left with a potent multi-purpose oil that will add a kick to any dish.


crockpot cannabutter 700x368 Cooking with Cannabis – Yes, It’s a Thing!

To make cannabutter, you can use exactly the same process as for oil. Melt a quantity of butter and add some cannabis (how strong you make it is entirely up to you!). Leave heat the butter and weed mixture on low heat (just enough to stop it solidifying) for around 20 mins. Strain out the weed and there you have cannabutter, bringing a new meaning to the phrase ‘wake and bake’ when spread on some morning toast.

Salad with Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

canna salad 700x467 Cooking with Cannabis – Yes, It’s a Thing!

Try making your own cannabis-infused olive oil. All you have to do is buy some good extra virgin olive oil, add some weed and then wait for a few weeks for it to infuse. You can then add use it to spice up any dish for which you usually use normal olive oil. For example, splash some liberally over a salad to add an extra special twist that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Cannabutter Garlic Prawn Pasta

 Cooking with Cannabis – Yes, It’s a Thing!

A great way to enjoy your cannabutter is to fry up some prawns, garlic and ginger in it. Mix with spaghetti, parsley and lime juice, and you will have a winning dish that is suitable for hosting a dinner party – just let your guests know something of the nature of what they are eating before they dig in.

Weed Brownies

bsdb chocolate brownies 55 joe sarah Cooking with Cannabis – Yes, It’s a Thing!

No self-respecting cannabis cooking list would be complete with the old favorite of weed brownies. All you have to do is add some of your cannabutter to a rich chocolate brownie mix and bake as normal. You can then take them out to your favorite spot and nibble away at them with your friends to your heart’s content.

If you love weed, why limit yourself to just smoking it? When correctly prepared, cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil make the perfect accompaniment to many dishes that you probably already know how to make well. What are you waiting for? Get cooking with cannabis today to add an extra little something to every run-of-the-mill dish.