Cooking with cider

I was sipping a glass of alcoholic cider the other day and was amazed by its beguiling flavour. Like good wine, the blend of fruit — apples — used created a liquid that danced on my tongue and delighted my palate.

Like good wine, its taste also made me certain that cider could bolster the taste of a wide range of dishes. Inspired, with glass of cider in hand, I headed to the kitchen and cooked up three recipes.

It must be the fall weather, because I’ve been on bit of soup bender of late and decided to incorporate some cider in a yam-based one. To make it, cubes of that tuber, which is actually an orange-fleshed sweet potato, were simmered with stock, cider, apple and an aromatic, six-pack of spices that included cumin, coriander, paprika, cayenne, cinnamon and nutmeg. When the yams were tender, the soup was blended creating a smooth, hot, flavourful mixture that took the chill out of that damp, November day.