Cooking with Gin at home

With World Gin Day approaching (Saturday 10 June ), Steve Smith, Head Chef at Bohemia, in London, insists it’s time we lay off the G&T’s and instead bring the spirit to the boil.

If you’re apprehensive about swapping sipping for the saucepan, Steve Smith recommends how to execute gin-centric dishes at home by taking inspiration from Bohemia’s brand new summer menu.

Gin + Fresh Water Fish

The flavor of gin marries perfectly with fresh water fish, in particular salmon. When preparing, ensure the gin marinates into the fish by chilling in the fridge for at least 45 minutes before cooking. We serve our gin and salmon dish with cucumber and horseradish at Bohemia, which complements the fish perfectly.

Gin + Vegetables

While many serve their G+T’s with cucumber, sprigs of asparagus also serve as a tasty garnish. Why not turn this into a delectable dish and serve gin infused asparagus alongside a summer salad? Add ginger syrup and lemon juice for an extra zing.