Cooleo launches world’s first double-layered wine bottle

The world’s first double-layered wine bottle has been released by a German start-up, with an aim to provide ‘a modern and functional bottle’ with ‘longer drinking pleasure’.

Cooleo’s new bottle combines passions for wine, art, modern design and innovative technology. Sustainability was also taken into consideration, as the German-made bottle is reusable, with uses spanning from serving up other beverages or upcycling it for decorative purposes.

The bottle’s design means that wine is kept at an optimum temperature for longer, as the double-walled glass provides an insulating layer. This will remove the need for ice-buckets or multiple trips to the fridge.

Oliver Conrad, the award-winning German designer behind Cooleo, said: “The Cooleo bottle is one of our most exciting product innovations. Our intention was to create a concept that combines traditional glass blowing with elegant, modern design. The result is a functional and beautiful product which will bring a step change in wine marketing.”

Cooleo said that “the high-quality glass is scratch-free, temperature-resistant and easy to clean,” and added that “the artwork you create will be beautifully preserved”, which reinforces the ability to re-use the bottle.

Both a dry and mineral 2016 Riesling and a red-fruited 2016 Pinot Noir Rosé will be available in the Cooleo bottle in selected markets and in the Weingut Wasem in Ingelheim, Germany.

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