Cork-Popping On World Champagne Day At Org de Rac

The most famous wine in the world is honoured on Friday, 23 October this year when World Champagne Day is celebrated on all four corners of the globe. There can be no doubt with its celebratory cork-popping, zesty bubbly composition and delicious freshness, Champagne is the most well-known and most celebrated wine style in the world.

Org de Rac’s very own Cap Classique – La Verne – has captured the imagination of wine-lovers throughout the country and the world, inspiring us to celebrate Champagne Day at our tasting-room with those majestic view of the rolling Swartland hills.

Friday 23rd 12:00-17:00
Saturday 24th 10:00-17:00

La Verne MCC 2016

The sparkling spirit continues on-line with La Verne Cap Classique being made available at a discounted price per bottle through our website from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 October.

Price: R145.00


So, take a drive out to the beautiful Swartland to celebrate World Champagne Day at a winery that is awaiting too, as ever, welcome you with open arms.