Corkscrews come in handy, even in the movies

Are you one of those people who always try and spot something in a movie? Do you try and see what wine they are drinking or what sun-tan lotion are they using? Well, how about spotting some corkamorimcork Corkscrews come in handy, even in the movies
by Amorim Cork
screws? In some scenes of various movies they use it for the right reason, but in others…well read on and find out.

verybadthings Corkscrews come in handy, even in the moviesVERY BAD THINGS

Remember Christian Slater? In this 1998 movie Very Bad Things  Christian stabs a guy in the heart with a corkscrew.


In this movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, a kid drops a corkscrew down a garbage disposal. The camera goes inside the garbage disposal to watch while he fishes around for it. What happens next? I can’t really remember, better watch the movie again as it’s also starring Josh Hartnett….

corkkill Corkscrews come in handy, even in the moviesOUT FOR JUSTICE

In this 1991 blockbuster  Steven Seagal kills crack dealer William Forsythe with a double lever corkscrew to the forehead. OUCH!


Christian Slater makes another appearance but this time less forceful. In an earlier scene in the movie, Christian opens a bottle of wine with a Swiss Army knife corkscrew. It gets left on the floor and is later used as a weapon by Patricia Arquette.

sleep1 Corkscrews come in handy, even in the moviesSLEEPWALKERS

Madchen Amick stabs Brian Krause with a corkscrew in the 1992 movie.


Julia Roberts uses a corkscrew to open two bottles of an Italian red wine in this movie. Thirsty girl!


This psycho killer clearly had a thing for brains and uses a corkscrew to stick into the brains of his victims. (1988)

Seems like this nifty little wine gadget are mostly use to kill-off actors in the movies. Luckily for me I never go and check what’s up when I hear a noise, I’m to busy using my corkscrew for the right purpose.