Corona Beer First Company To Adopt Edible 6-Pack Rings That Feed Fish Not Kill It

Corona is the first major beer company to adopt edible 6-pack rings that feed, rather than kill, fish.

A couple of years ago a craft microbrewery in Florida called Saltwater Brewery started a trend that could save millions of sea creatures if adopted by bigger breweries and soda companies.

The brewery — started by surfers, fishermen and “people who love the sea” — developed edible ring-holders for their beer cans made of barley and wheat remnants from the brewing process.

Since then, craft brewers in Australia, South Africa, Poland, Scotland, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington State have jumped on the bandwagon.

And now, Corona could really get the ball rolling, as the first major beer company to test the product.

The rings are  100% biodegradable and safe for fish, turtles, birds and other marine life to eat, unlike the plastic ring-holders that are now killing them by the millions.

Each year, “an estimated one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles become entrapped in plastic or ingest it and die,” says marine biologist Mark Tokulka in a promo video by Saltwater Brewery.

“If discarded properly it will make its way to a compost facility … if incorrectly thrown into the wilderness, it will biodegrade.” the CFO of Eco Six Pack Rings tells Forbes.

The rings are currently being piloted in Corona’s homeland in Tulum, Mexico, and will be expanded everywhere Corona is sold if all goes well.

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