Corona Beer Now Available In A Can In South Africa

Beer brand Corona has launched its new 440ml cans in South Africa. The brand has launched Corona Extra in the new 440ml cans, which are larger in size, providing a more refreshing and satisfying experience for beer lovers.

The new cans are designed to appeal to the modern consumer who is always on the go and wants to enjoy their favourite drink without compromising taste or quality.

With its latest launch, Corona aims to strengthen its position in the South African market and cater to the evolving needs of its consumers.

Corona Can Design

Corona has introduced a new 410ml can to South Africa to complement the iconic 355ml bottle. Going where glassware can’t, the can bring the authentic lifestyle of Corona to events and unwinding outdoors as well as easy drinking, occasions at home.

Sleek and slim, the new, relax-on-the-go cans incorporate the matte finish and design elements that have made Corona immediately recognizable & beloved – from the sky to the blue horizon, gold-accented sun, and Griffins protecting the crown. 

Importantly, the can’s wide mouth means a slice of lime can be placed in the opening as one would a bottle, giving consumers the light, sunny, refreshing taste they love about Corona and the lime ritual.

“The new can provides consumers with a choice in packaging that reflects Corona’s commitment to innovation while staying true to the brand’s outdoors-orientated lifestyle and light, refreshing taste,” says Melanie Nicholson, Corona Head of Brand.

Born on the beach, Corona is renowned for encouraging consumers to embrace nature, revel in the sunset and reconnect with friends and their inner selves through the universal language of shared experiences. 

The new slim 410ml Corona cans are available in select stores nationwide.