Corona Launches Zero Alcohol Beer With A Surreal Ad

Brands are lining up their wares for dry January – last week Heineken released a glitzy spot for its non-alcoholic beer drawing on the premise that it’s superstitious to say ‘cheers’ unless you have a drink that at least looks like alcohol in your hand. And now Corona has arrived with an unexpectedly quirky spot for its new Sunbrew beer.

Directed by Juan Cabral, the ad is set on a sunny beach typical of Corona ads, yet is given an ironically trippy effect by the use of stop motion.

The spot is created by David Miami and as well as delivering a hit of sunshine on a grey January day (in the UK at least, where I am writing this), it avoids putting too much emphasis on the zero alcohol content, instead just making Sunbrew seem a tasty drink, that also delivers a shot of Vitamin D. Beach, anyone?