Cougar Town To Be Renamed Wine Time?

Ex Friends star, Courtney Cox, recently told contactmusic that there’s discussions between her and Cougar Town creator, Bill Lawrence, to change the name of their award-winning show. The show began following Cox’s character Jules as she romanced younger men in her neighbourhood, but there was little of that in Season 2 and it’s unlikely to return for Season 3.

The creator said, “We gave the show a title that helped it sell the show and get it on, but then we didn’t write that show.And so now we’re a show called Cougar Town that’s not about older women chasing younger guys. It’s really a show that’s about adult friendship and how people while away the time, essentially drinking with their friends”.

Cox agreed, saying, “We tried to figure out what would be a better name that would all of a sudden make people want to watch the show?…And what name is worth changing it for?”.

The pair say they have debated over possible new titles, with popular suggestions including ‘Wine Time’, ‘The Sunshine State’ and ‘Family Jules’, but no change of title will come into play until at least Season 4.