Create your own wine label this Festive Season

As an avid wine fan we know you’ll agree that good wine is a great gift, and furthermore that great wine is an even better gift. And then there is the gift of great wine with a personalised label…now, that is what we’d call an exceptional gift!

The festive season is rapidly approaching and before you know it you will be sprawled on the couch after eating too much at Christmas lunch. Get ahead of the festive season Corporate and Christmas gifting chaos by opting for our Personalised Wine Label service.

Creating your personalised wine labels is quick and easy – simply visit, click on the “Personalised Labels” link, and start designing your own wine label. You can add your own picture and text – and Hey Presto! your label is complete. We attach your labels to the wine you have chosen and ship it directly to your door. You don’t have to choose an unlabelled wine, you can choose any wine, we will remove the front label to make way for your custom label.

But what about the cost, you ask? From a mere R10 per label, depending on your quantities, yes really – that is less than you’d pay for a card to mark an occasion. And what’s more, we have a designer on hand to assist with any special design requests at absolutely no cost. Talk about win-win!

To see examples of label designs that can be used for corporate or personal gifts go to and check them out under the ‘Personalised Labels’ tab.

The end of the year is approaching fast, so don’t delay, contact us now!

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If you would like to purchase any of these wines you can order online by visiting, or you can place your order telephonically on 021 461 2891. You can also hit “reply” and enter your order on this e-mail. All our wines are sold minimum 6 of a kind and also a minimum of 12 bottles.