Creation Wine Takes Flight – Again!

To stay on top of the wine and food pairing game, Carolyn Martin and Daniela Messina recently jetted off again, this time to explore some of the hottest cuisine spots in the UK and Europe. The trip brought them into contact with an exciting diversity of influences, both cultural and culinary, which says Carolyn, always triggers the imagination and is a wonderful source of inspiration. Last week she reported on the first leg of their trip; here is her account of their visit to Prague.

I’m always a little sad when waving goodbye to London, it was after all my home for almost ten years during the 90s. The prospect of Prague as our next destination however perked us up and we were certainly not disappointed. Starting with our accommodation – Hotel Josef in the centre of the Old Town – beautiful, vibrant Prague was as always a rare pleasure!

Hotel Josef is really the perfect accommodation when visiting the city. They have a great little guide called ‘Taste Prague’ in each room and the concierges are super helpful. Navigating the fascinating streets and alleyways was therefore no problem and of course in Prague all roads lead to Charles Bridge …

Being one of the few cities in Europe that escaped the bombings of World War II, Prague still has much of its original architecture intact. My favourite is Charles Bridge which, completed at the beginning of the 15th Century, is adorned with Baroque-style statues erected during the 17th Century. What stories this bridge must have to tell considering the millions of people having passed over it!