Creation`s paired tastings: Introducing their latest stars

In combining winemaking showmanship with culinary artistry, gorgeous flavours with irresistible textures, Creation has gained an enviable reputation for our innovative and ever-evolving wine and food pairings.

“At Creation we believe that good wines deserve to be enjoyed with good food. That’s why innovative wine pairing, with scrumptious food complementing each wine, is an integral part of the Creation experience,” says Carolyn Martin.

And now we take pleasure in launching an exciting new menu that will take wine pairing to new heights. A menu featuring the evolvement of our award-winning Canapé Pairing into an irresistible Tapas Pairing.

Carolyn elaborates: “The tapas will be slightly more substantial in size than the one-bite canapés and should satisfy most appetites as a complete lunch, with exciting variety and wine pairings taking centre stage. The increased complexity of each dish will allow us to demonstrate more depth in the pairings, creating a truly unique and multi-faceted pairing experience.”

More good news is that we cater for specific dietary requirements. If you are a vegetarian, lactose or gluten intolerant or follow a Low Carb Hi Protein eating plan, simply inform us when booking.

2708bottle Creation`s paired tastings: Introducing their latest stars


The tapas pairing menu

Creation Sauvignon Blanc – Pickled calamari, pawpaw, cucumber, pineapple, celery and radish

Creation Viognier – Almond and apricot, carrot and coconut, pickled ginger

Whale Pod Rosé – Clam and leek, lemon, olives and tomato

Creation Pinot Noir – Duck breast, beetroot, goat’s-milk cheese; raspberry and wholegrain mustard

Creation Merlot – Cauliflower, hazelnut, coffee, thyme, blue vein cheese, truffle

Creation Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot – Short rib, beef reduction, pasta, parmesan Creation Syrah – Pork dumpling, umami broth

Creation Syrah, Grenache – Lamb, red pepper, chorizo, aubergine and black olive

Another thrilling newcomer is the Three Course Pairing Menu which will change weekly. This is where our chefs will let their creativity run wild, incorporating fresh local ingredients and unexpected combinations into a three course meal, each course enjoyed with a different wine. This option will replace our existing à la carte menu.

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