Culinary Adventures at Creation

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The Creation Culinary Team delight in offering their guests an ever-changing repertoire of aromas and flavours, textures and colours to be shared, savoured and explored. The current ‘Reaching for the Stars’ campaign which incorporates the input of top international chefs, sommeliers and restaurateurs enhances these culinary adventures. Click here to view a video of the successful event.

Among the most recent stars to grace the Creation firmament have been Tiina Treumann  (owner) and Marko Kalyend (chef) of the renowned Estonian restaurant, Salt in Tallinn. Tiina loves to travel the world and finds it fascinating to learn about different cultures and culinary traditions. She is often accompanied by one or more members of the Salt team who share in the experiences and take new ideas and trends back home to incorporate into traditional Estonian fare. This fusion has become a trademark of the ever-evolving Salt menu.

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