Dalla Cia family releases 10 Year Celebration Grappa

A signature 10 Year Celebration Grappa, distilled in 2004 and left to mature in barrel for a decade, has been released to mark the 10th anniversary of the Dalla Cia Wine & Spirit Company.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, this remarkable anniversary grappa was the first distilled by the passionate father-and-son duo, Giorgio and George Dalla Cia.

“Every aspect of our anniversary grappa is an absolute reflection of our artisanal style of production,” says George, the 3rd generation master grappa distiller to continue the family tradition that began with his grandfather, Vittorio, in Friuli, Italy in the 1920’s and was resumed in South Africa in 1996 together with his illustrious father, Giorgio. Following in their footsteps, George has mastered the art of distilling and as custodian of the secret family recipe and their hand forged Alembic copper still, he upholds nearly a century of Dalla Cia family tradition.

grap Dalla Cia family releases 10 Year Celebration Grappa

Distilled from fermented grape skins of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the final blend was barrel aged for 10 years in new 225 litre French Barriques. The years of wood maturation have bestowed a deep amber colour to the grappa and added richness to the bouquet with delicate hints of plum, marzipan, orange zest, dark chocolate, cherry and ginger. The taste is velvety and smooth with a layered mid palate and a long, lingering finish.

Only 1 000 bottles of this anniversary grappa have been produced and absolutely everything is done by hand including bottling and labelling. Individually signed and numbered by George himself, each 500ml bottle is a masterpiece. The Dalla Cia family crest, cast in metal, proudly adorns the neck by a leather cord. Each label is branded Dalla Cia in cursive just like the original family label in Italy. The bottle, wrapped in nappa suede, is presented in a beautiful bespoke cylindrical case.

This special release anniversary grappa was crafted for the connoisseur with the utmost discernment and can be obtained at R2 325 per bottle directly from Pane e Vino at the Dalla Cia Distillery. A limited allocation has been made available to select restaurants and boutique wine shops.