Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka Wins Lawsuit

Last week, Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka won its court case against a tequila company that was also distributing its product in skull-shaped bottles.

In the federal trademark dispute held in Los Angeles, Globefill Inc. – the makers of Crystal Head Vodka and majority owned by Kingston area resident, Dan Aykroyd – claimed Kah Tequila bottles were a ‘cheap knockoff’ of the Crystal Head design.

After deliberating for under 4 hours, the eight-person jury unanimously found in favour of Globefill Inc., agreeing that the defendant Elements Spirits Inc. had intentionally modeled its ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired skull-shaped bottles after Crystal head vodka bottles.

This similarity could confuse shoppers into thinking Kah Tequila was made by or affiliated with Crystal Head.

The issue with product confusion is additionally problematic in this country, where Aykroyd – along with Kingston attorney Paul Fay and North York’s David Brown, also of Globefill Inc. – owns Alloy Brands Inc., which is the Canadian distributor of Patron Tequila.

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