Daring wine pairings at Creation Wines

Over the past seven years Creation has established a proud reputation for innovative wine pairing experiences in the Tasting Room. From humble beginnings our wine pairing canapé concept has been joined by five pioneering pairing experiences – including our mysterious and magical Secret Pairing and the hip and happening Brunch Pairing.

Now, to enhance the pairing adventure Creation will be offering speciality pairing platters and an expanded wine and canapé experience to excite all the senses. Our Tasting Room pairing menu is currently undergoing some sensational changes which will be introduced over the next few weeks. At Creation we believe the true art of wine and food pairing lies in meticulously considering all the senses involved and ensuring that they are stimulated and rewarded with each pairing. Add to this a well-appointed Tasting Room on a beautiful wine estate with exceptional service and all we can say is ‘watch this space’!

Evolution of pairing

Many of the over 40 000 visitors we were privileged to welcome to Creation last year commented on the ingenious combinations of flavour and texture that complement our wines so perfectly, and wondered how we manage to come up with the sometimes unexpected (but always delicious) pairings. Carolyn Martin (née Finlayson), co-owner and marketing director, is the wine and food pairing guru at Creation Wines and firmly believes that there is no formula and very few unbreakable rules when it comes to finding the perfect match. All of which makes pairing a somewhat esoteric art, one which relies on experience and intuition as much as a willingness to try new things

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Creation excels in Tim Atkin Report

Creation is proud to announce that leading British wine writer Tim Atkin has scored 13 of our wines at over 90 points!

Creation Art of Chardonnay 2014 94
Creation Art of Pinot Noir 2013 92
Creation Chardonnay 2014 92
Creation Grenache 2014 89
Creation Merlot 2013 92
Creation Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot 2013 92
Creation Pinot Noir 2014 91
Creation Reserve Merlot 2012 93
Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2013 94
Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2015 91
Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon 2014 92
Creation Syrah 2013 92
Creation Syrah, Grenache 2013 93
Creation Viognier 2015 90