David and Victoria Beckham drinks £2000 worth of vintage wine on mid-week date night

The Beckhams spared no expense when they drank almost £2,000 worth of vintage wine during a mid-week date night.

Victoria Beckham shared their lavish evening with her fans on social media, posting several pics of the couple’s wine collection during their romantic date night.

The Beckhams, who have a combined net-worth of more than £500 million, guzzled down just under £2,000 worth of wine on Wednesday evening, when Victoria declared she was enjoying a intimate date with her husband of 18 years on Snapchat, The Mirror reports.

Bottles included a Château Margaux Grand Vin 1995, priced at £716 per bottle, a Château Cheval Blanc 2012 Premiere Grand Cru Class A, £430, and a Château Lafleur Pomerol 2006, which costs £601.

While their wine tab might make for an expensive hangover, earlier this week it was reported Vic likes to chew on coffee beans instead of guzzling booze on nights out.