New Three Spades Cider by De Grendel Brings Style To Local Cider Market

If you love cider then you’ll know that there is so much more to life than Hunters Dry. While the craft and specialty cider market in South Africa is still relatively untapped, there are a few special individuals who are trying to change the game for cider lovers across our great nation. Take De Grendel wine farm for example — the winery’s new Three Spades Cider is a true revelation in the cider world and we’re betting it’s going to be your new-favourite drink this summer. This premium small-batch cider is made with fresh apples from one of SA’s best apple-growing regions and is a cider lover’s dream come true.

Made in limited quantities using freshly-pressed apples from Elgin, the new Three Spades Cider was created to with a love of cider in mind. The dry, but oh-so-smooth new addition to the cider market was launch in response to a growing interest in small batch, hand-crafted ciders where the appreciation for traditional, artisanal methods is front of mind. Using expert knowledge of the science of winemaking combined with the art of cider-making, De Grendel has created a truly special cider for those looking for a cider with a more upmarket edge.

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