De Krans Moscato Perlé – a refreshing alternative to a bubbly

The Premium Moscato Perlé White from De Krans remains a crowd favourite since its maiden vintage in 2012, and the Moscato Red has similarly proved its popularity since its launch two years ago. The word Moscato, still a growing style in South Africa, refers to the grapes used (Muscadel or Muscat de Frontignan in the case of De Krans), while perlé refers to its sparkling character.

What makes this style of wine so popular is not only the low alcohol (the white and red both have an alcohol of 8.5%), but also the versatility of its use. Being naturally sweet with a fresh acidity and a slight fizz, this wine is perfect as a welcoming drink, sundowner, or as a fresh and much more affordable alternative to a bubbly. Both the white and red Moscato also make for super delicious sangria, the perfect drink for a Summer’s day next to the pool (visit our website for recipes).

In addition, these wines are also great with food. The White Moscato made from White Muscadel, has lovely fruit flavours of litchi and Muscat, with a honey and exotic spice. The Red Moscato is made from Muscadel with 15% Pinotage added, resulting in a vibrant red colour and a good tannin structure. The wine is packed with fruit characters, including berries and prunes with a subtle exotic spice.

Both the White and Red Moscato pair beautifully with Summer salads, charcuterie, or light meals. The wine also makes for an interesting pairing with mild curries and other spicy food.

Both wines retail for approximately R65 per bottle, and are available from Checkers, Pick and Pay, Makro, Ultra and most Tops and independent stores.