Delicious Drinks You Need to Try When you Visit Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country that is well known for its beautiful beaches and ancient culture. Well, the drinks in Thailand follow suit. We have amazing and tasty drinks in Thailand that can quench your thirst.

The drinks served in Thailand are numerous and sometimes you might be spoilt for choice. The taste of these drinks can only be known once tasted. It is a quick and easy task whenever you walk around this great country to take a sip of these delicious drinks. We have elaborated for you some of the drinks you should try out whenever you visit or travel to this amazing country.

Thai tea

 Delicious Drinks You Need to Try When you Visit Thailand

This is one of the most common drinks in Thailand. It is served in restaurants across the country. It is made of tea, with the addition of milk and some sugar. It is always served cold or hot depending on your preference. Cold Thai tea is referred to as iced Thai tea. There are various ingredients required to make Thai tea. Some of these ingredients are; landrace, locally called Bai Miang, orange water, powder tamarind seed, food color, and other spices. Sugar brings out the sweetness and one can use either coconut milk or whole milk. Whenever you are in Thailand, you will be served the tea in a tall glass. It is either found in the streets, restaurants or different market vendors. When served cold, Thai tea is normally mixed with crushed ice. The condensed milk is poured over ice to bring out the creamy flavor.

Thailand cocktail

Thai cocktail bourbon gin ginger lime 3 Delicious Drinks You Need to Try When you Visit Thailand

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 Delicious Drinks You Need to Try When you Visit Thailand

The most common brands of whiskey in Thailand are Mkhong and Sang Som. These are the two major local branded whiskeys in the market. The whiskey is locally referred to as Sang Som Rianthong. The whiskey is mostly served in a mixture of cola and even red bull. There are other popular whiskey brands in the Thai market like Mangkorn Thong and Hong Thong whiskey brands.


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Thailand beers are liked and appreciated. The most common brands that attract the majority of people include; Chang beer, Singha beer, and Leo beer. If you are among the common visitors to Thailand then the taste of these three lingers in your mind. The beers are locally made and brewed. They are commonly served with ice, locally known as Nam keng. This is a Thai tradition commonly exercised in drinking. There are no tight laws and restrictions concerning beers in Thailand so all of these brands are accessible. There are numerous restaurants and bars located strategically in the country where these beers can be enjoyed.

Leaf jelly drink

grass jelly 2 Delicious Drinks You Need to Try When you Visit Thailand

As the name suggests, the drink is made out of a plant and has a slightly bitter taste. It is commonly served with other drinks. The grass jelly drink is one of the common jelly drinks in Thailand, locally referred to as Chao kuai. The grass jelly drink is mixed with ice and then water. Brown sugar is then poured on top for sweetness. This drink can also be added to ice cream mostly coconut and other beverages. The cubes are put into a cup in slices and added to your drink or chosen beverage. In Thailand, a cup of jelly grass is often half filled to allow you to fill it with other preferable drinks. Take a sip of this drink and immediately get a taste of Thailand.

As we wrap up, the above drinks portray the true culture of Thailand. If you are a fan of drinks then these are some of the best drinks you can try out in this great Asian country. As you learn the local dialect, fashion, culture, and customs, let the drinks be part of it. You can attend local events and parties to sample unique drinks. If you are a true tourist who loves to travel, take a journey down to Asia and sample one of these amazing drinks. The drinks do not only appeal to the residents, but they also work magic on foreigners too.