Designer grapes that taste like cotton candy

The latest craze to come out of California is cotton candy-flavored grapes, which sounds both yummy and confusing. Don’t say “yuck” until you’ve tried one. Cotton candy-flavoured grapes are officially a thing and no genetic sleight of hand was involved.

These naturally produced grapes are the result of meticulous plant-breeding.

“When you walk into this vineyard south of Bakersfield, you can smell a sweet aroma. There’s no county fair in sight, look around and all you’ll find are grapes, but they aren’t an ordinary variety,” writes California-based NBC affiliate KGET, who tasted the grapes.

Jim Beagle, Grapery CEO, claims the grapes taste “exactly like cotton candy,” citing blind tastings where, when describing the flavour, “the first thing people say is cotton candy.”

California-based fruit breeder and head of research at IFG, David Cain, who states why he created these super-sweet hybrid cotton candy-flavored grapes, “We’re competing against candy bars and cookies.”

The designer grapes will be available soon in high-end U.S. supermarkets. Expect to pay not a little for a pound: about $6