Did Michael Jordan really pound a 6 pack of beer after every single game?

FirstWeFeast scurried down the rabbit hole of MJ lore to find out if His Airness really crushed beers with the same intensity that he summoned to vanquish foes on the court.

The counter guy at Bierkraft laughed at how sweaty I was. I’d gone straight into the store after a jog to grab some beers for the rest of the day.

“Well, beer is replenishing,” he conceded.

“I know,” I told him, adding, “Did you know Michael Jordan used to drink a six pack after every single game?” He said he didn’t. As I walked home I realized maybe I didn’t either.

Where had I first heard this rumor? Was it just an urban legend that had been passed around by barstool jockeys for years? Or was it a sports tippling tale that sounded absurd on the surface—like Wade Boggs drinking 107 beers on a cross country flight—but actually held water?

Was drinking cheap, light beer (packed with sugar, carbs, and electrolytes) after an intense workout—and not Gatorade—the best way to actually be like Mike?

Unfortunately, the mere fact that His Airness played an impromptu beer pong game with some Florida bros back in 2013 meant that Googling “Michael Jordan beer” was worthless. It simply gave me page after page of dweebs on two-bit sports blogs arguing about whether or not Michael Jordan was a beer pong cheat (“No elbows, MJ!!!”).

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