Discover a perfect drink for your star sign

The sign of the zodiac under which you are born, not only affects your personality and character, but all affects your choice of wine. Today we find out which star-signs drink what, and how to use that information to your advantage…


Impulsive, pioneering, self-expression are key. People born under this sign can get rowdy and careless when inebriated, but they’re always fun to be with. Aries men and women often have active lifestyles and this sometimes causes a shortage of body fluids, so Aries folks drink more than any other zodiac sign. The Aries, or Ram, often drink beer, but many of them, including women, love vodka with tomato juice. Bring on the Blood Mary’s for that hangover!  Aries men and women often have active lifestyles and this sometimes causes a shortage of body fluids, so  Aries folks drink more than any other zodiac sign.


Taureans are naturally constructive individuals. They are very grounded, and thrive naturally in places such as the Karoo, where their lives are uncomplicated and peaceful. They therefore dislike the limelight. Men of this sign like to drink brandy, on the rocks. The women of this sign love wine of fine quality.


The Gemini’s  tendency to flick from one topic to the next makes them appear superficial and naive. They thrive in the big city and it’s therefore no surprise that Geminis drink of choice should be Champagne. They like variety and often like to try new wines.  But, according to their dual nature, sometimes they will reach for a shot of Tequila or Jack Daniels and really – let loose.


Cancerians, being the complex, multi-faceted sign they are, love drinks that combine several elements such as Mojitos as well as rum-based drinks. They do however have a tendency to cling on to memories of things gone by. Irish coffee is a real favorite and creamy shooters are a close second.


Leos can be arrogant, dictatorial and showy. They love expensive beers, especially those with a lion on the label. When it comes to spirits and cocktails, they prefer a citrus flavoured drink. In adulthood, the people of this sign are beginning to appreciate whiskey.


Orderly and methodical by nature, Virgos prefer to take their alcoholic beverages neat. This sign can be divided into two groups: the first consists of connoisseurs of fine wines and luxury beers, the second – dry beverage lovers. The first group is concerned, from what and how the drink was made.   The second group is less picky, but they do not like anything sweet in taste.  They like Martinis but are very picky about how they are made.


Being a natural flirt, alcohol really spices up the possibilities that Libra can think up when that arrogant mind is well-lubricated. Librans believe that the higher the price, the better the product, so whatever drink they choose has to be expensive. Give them champagne or a pricey cognac.


Three factors are important to the Scorpio: their drinks must be dark, strong and vigorous to have taste.As a dark and mysterious sign, they’ll be attracted to rum and expensive red wines and brandies. If you want to keep a Scorpio relatively sober, don’t ask them to slow down on the booze; Scorpio will silently proceed to try to show you just how hollow their legs are.


Sagittarians are the life and soul of the party, and are naturally popular. Infectious enthusiasm makes them natural salespeople. Travelers by nature, people of this sign like the new and exotic, like a Korean vodka, where the bottle is a snake preserved in alcohol.  Sagittarians have a weakness for exotic labels and are drawn to any long bottle with a bright sticker.


Capricorns tend to drink quite a bit of liquid. As for taste preferences, they have a sufficient premium spirits, having a dry bouquet: whiskey, gin and tonic. ” Vodka is too simplistic for them, unless they fit any elite brand such as “Absolute”.


Water-bearers believe that if they do things or look the same as everyone else they’ll be half-way to hell. Expect the average Aquarian to opt for the newest and trendiest drinks available. These people prefer a light beer such as “Lager”, or any other, with the words “light”. They also like champagne and anything bubbly.


These guys are elusive creatures and hard to pin down.People born under this sign are not particularly choosy in the selection of drinks.  They prefer vodka of weaker drinks – beer. Ideally, these people are most suitable for a drink that used to be popular: “Pernod”.  Prosecco is this sign’s wine – an easy-going, easy-to-drink sparkling wine which adds a little magic to every occasion.