Discover All About Japanese Green Teas, Its History and Health Benefits

Most of us love to have a cup of green tea to freshen up from the exhaustion of our busy lives. Green tea, though a regular tincture of Japanese as an invention of Japan, now gaining much praise for its delicious, clayey zest with multitudinous health benefits. It is not that the Japanese are only renowned for the enriched flavorsome green tea; also this nation has an influential history related to astounding Japanese teapots. Alike green tea Japanese teapot is also a part of Japanese tradition, and choosing the right Japanese Teapot is an art as well. The Japanese consider green tea as an indispensable part of their life. The Japanese always consume green tea, as it has immense health benefits. Japan has a history related to green tea. Let’s go insight all about Japanese green tea, its history, types, and health benefits.

History of Japanese Green Tea

Thousands of years ago, the Japanese priests who read the religion spread by Buddha in China, took green tea in Japan. During these periods of introducing green tea, only people having religion influence could enjoy it. Eventually, it reached the royal society along with other renowned people as farming green tea expanded throughout Japan.

green tea Discover All About Japanese Green Teas, Its History and Health Benefits

For raising awareness among Japanese about tillage, preparation, along with the wellness benefits of this beverage, a Zen religious person Myouan Eisai narrated his work named Kissayojoki. The attempt saw hope rising distributed tea tradition throughout Japan. People from every class then got access to this beneficial beverage. They started having green tea. Tea eventually became an indispensable tradition of Japan.

Types of Green Tea in Japan

The main difference between black tea and different kinds of tea is the way of harvesting, also processes associated. Tea leaves of the shrub are named Camellia Sinensis, similar for all kinds. The green tea holds an original appearance along with the zest because its chief purpose is inhibiting oxidation hence concocted readily. Japan has numerous kinds of Japanese green tea based on farming procedures and conditions, brewing, and dehydrating techniques.


snesa 700x700 Discover All About Japanese Green Teas, Its History and Health Benefits

Processed by selecting only tender leaves, Sencha is a popular green tea throughout the country. After production, comes heating, pressing also dehydrating. Sencha has an amazing blend of balanced acidity with sweetness and consumed as a daily beverage by most Japanese.


matcha green tea powder wisk e1473321294353 Discover All About Japanese Green Teas, Its History and Health Benefits

Because of its intense appearance, the Japanese love Matcha. For intensifying its punch, they harvest it by covering several days prior to collecting. The Japanese use Matcha powder in tea ceremonies also.


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It is an excellent attribute of green tea in Japan, also known as Jade Dew. The cultivation process of Gyokuro is alike Matcha- uses shadow-cultivated tea leaves. If you are a tea-lover, you may certainly recognize this sort of green tea as it has intense freshness, zest, and enchanting fragrance. It is intense, thick, must be the perfect pick for any Japanese passionate about tea.


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Genmaicha is basically a blend of Sencha and roasted red rice giving a customary advantage. It has a moderate-caffeine level combined with delicate flavor, nearly flavored alike popcorn!


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Hojicha has a red-brownish appearance and a roasted fragrance as the process of it involves roasting and cooling. The Japanese appreciate it as a light beverage after supper because of its having moderate caffeine level and soothing feeling.

Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green tea is not only rich in flavor but also has immense health benefits. Many types of research show that the constituents of Japanese green tea are rich in essential components beneficial for our bodies. Having green tea might help reduce the chances of cancer, swelling, along with risks associated with heart diseases.

Green Tea Shields Heart

Several heart diseases seldom affect people having green tea continuously. Research proves that people drinking four or more times of green tea are limitedly vulnerable to heart diseases.

Green Tea Develops Brain Wellness

Green tea has flavonoids shielding the neurons, reducing possibilities of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. One of the constituents of green tea is L-theanine, which is an exceptional amino acid that serves with caffeine to increase brain activity.

Green Tea as an Anti-aging Agent

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Green tea possesses a rich amount of antioxidants, and bioactive components like polyphenols, catechins, along with many more. These are helpful for anti-aging purposes, and protect the body from free radicals, cell, and molecular loss.

Green Tea lessens Diabetes

As said earlier, green tea has flavonoids, along with anti-swelling qualities. These constituents of green tea might limit glycemic, also decrease risks of type 2 diabetes.

Green Tea Improves Bone Condition

Green tea has properties to improve the condition of bones. The essential constituents necessary to reduce bone damage are already there in green tea.

No doubt, green tea has excellent health benefits, and Japan, being the country bringing this beverage to a new hype, unquestionably deserves special recognition from the entire world.