Discover The Best Alcohol Gifts In 2021

Do you want to give a gift of a drink to a wine or beer enthusiast in 2021 and don’t know where to start? Actually, this kind of person is quite simple to please with your gift as there are many options to go through. In general, a wine lover will appreciate your gift whether it is something of their preference or even if it is something new for them to try.

We have prepared for you in this article some tips to find the best alcohol gifts. So, enjoy your reading and get prepared for good shopping when it comes time to give a gift of a drink.


Forget the idea that wines are only for the winter: Although they are the perfect combination for the cold climate, some varieties of lighter red wine, as well as whites and ros├ęs tend to have more citrus flavors and are ideal for consumption in other climate conditions. Wines are always a refined and classic gift, represented in excellent quality and fair prices. To not go wrong, adapt your choice to the climate and the tastes of those you intend to give as gifts. It is possible to surprise with a new flavor without departing completely from the preferences of the recipient.

Craft Beers

Craft beers are trending and they are a great gift option, as they encompass a huge diversity of flavors, creaminess, bitterness, and textures. They are really a great option to send as a gift, as many brands offer kits with the main varieties of craft beers such as Pilsen, Bock, Weiss, IPA, allowing those who receive the gift to taste them all and choose their favorite.

Pilsen: For beer lovers who are used to the taste of commercial beers, give preference to this low fermentation variety from the Lager family. Pilsen beer has a golden hue, light flavor, and bitterness that varies from low to moderate, with little foam and creaminess. It is the ideal gift for those who are beginning to venture into the world of craft beers because, despite the similarity with commercial beer, it demonstrates perceptible superiority of quality through the most complex flavor.

Bock: Known as a winter beer, it has low fermentation and reddish hue, with a malty flavor and aroma. It is a great alternative to traditional wine in the colder seasons.

Weiss: Also known as Weizenbier or Weissbier, this smooth-flavored Ale is made from wheat and its main feature, for the most part, is not filtered. It presents coloration that varies from straw yellow to golden, with flavor and aroma that take notes of banana, clove, and malt – with very low or nonexistent bitterness.

IPA: Originating in India, the variety makes up the Pale Ale category, which has a hops base – giving the drink a trace of bitterness and strong aroma, a variant color between gold and copper, being refreshing and with a high body.


Scottish distillate is a classic when it comes to giving gifts, being a symbol of refinement and sophistication similarly to a good wine. Anyone who thinks that this a gift requires a high investment to get the product of high quality is wrong. Its production is extremely regulated, based on the fact that the taste and the body of the drink depends directly on the amount of time it is aging in oak barrels. That is why the quality of whiskey can be measured by this amount of time, with 12, 18, or 24 years old being considered of high quality regardless of the brand.

In short, if you intend to send alcohol as a gift to someone, choosing wines, craft beers, or whiskey may be the best options in 2021. Anyway, nothing stops you from taking further risks and going for another type of drink in your gift if you get to know your recipient’s taste better.