Distell launch Bisquit in South Africa

Dating back to 1819 the Bisquit brand was established by a 20-year-old Frenchman Alexandre Bisquit who was based in Jarnac, situated on the banks of the Charente River. Favoured over the years by several high rollers including the likes of King George IV and Winston Churchill, Distell noticed the growing interest in connoisseur cognacs and bought the brand in 2009.

A French inspired home with a gorgeous Cape garden played host  to an intimate group of journalists who were treated to an fun-filled stylish affair. On arrival guests received a map which took them on a journey to several themed rooms in the house where they discover the history of the brand.

Bisquit is based in Château Bisquit, a sumptuous former home in the centre of in the town of Cognac.  Ugni blanc is one of the dominant varietals in Bisquit and where new world potstills tend to be more exuberant, opulent and fruit-driven cognacs are more restrained and elegant in structure.

To add some extra fun to the event guests were styled up in retro-chic accessories and had their photographs taken as a memento. Before introducing the two Bisquit’s cognacs  that are available locally, guest enjoyed gourmet canapés paired with cognac cocktails.

Two out of the three cognacs are available in South Africa. The VS Classique has a rich golden colour with spring and summer fragrance of the nose and fresh palate ending in a fine vanilla finish. The VSOP Fine Champagne reveals a far deeper colour with more fruity than floral aromas and a rounded palate.The XO Excellence will be released in South Africa at a later stage.

The Classique retails at a very reasonable R265 and the VSOP at around R445. The affordable prices will give the brand great local appeal and cognac lovers will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy Bisquit the way it’s meant to be….slowly.