Does Lindsay Lohan really drink two liters of vodka a day?

On Friday TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan’s daily booze drinking ways have climaxed in a consumption of about two liters of vodka daily. The world is going nuts, trying to figure out if Lindsay Lohan was so drunk that it was just a lucky punch that hit Tiffany Mitchell or if the rumors of drinking are exaggerated. People are concerned that Lindsay may be facing a quick demise if amount of booze consumed by Lindsay are true.

If the rumors are true and the boozing is hitting two bottles of vodka a day – that is equal to about 50 shots daily. Of course to be fair, TMZ reported the booze was increasing and only sometimes two liters daily. TMZ’s report said: “She’s [Lohan] been boozing heavily for months now … as much as TWO LITERS of vodka a day.”

The liver can process about one shot of hard liquor per hour. More shots can cause liver damage and in England the number of deaths due to liver damage increased by 25% over the last decade. It is thought that two liters of water a day is a health benefit, but surely Lindsay knows that vodka is not water and not healthy by any means. She has been in celebrity rehabs before and should be aware of the risks. With the reported amounts of booze the body often reacts with violence (an angry drunk) or with anxiety and other mental health issues such as paranoia. The extreme amounts can cause alcohol poisoning and death.